Old Indian West
Native American art and antiques.

Expert in native American Culture since 1982

Alessandro Martire

Phd in anthropology and human biology. Degree in archeology and ethnographic art with particular attention to Native American peoples. He has worked as an expert and contract lecturer at the University of Florence Institute of Anthropology, and has collaborated with numerous Italian Universities for degree and master courses for students interested in the culture of the Native American Nations of the Turtle Island as the Native nation call America. His passion and his study in the field of cultural anthropology have led him to have a private collection of important artifacts of Native American populations, some of which, over time, are offered to people interested in this type of artifacts. Some 19th century others vintage. All the artifacts offered for sale will be accompanied by a certificate that will explain the object and that will certify its originality. Alessandro Martire wrote 12 books in Italian and 5 in English.

The material culture of Native American peoples.

Material Culture

One of the important aspects for all Native American peoples lies in the material culture, an expression not only of history, customs and traditions, but of the profound spirituality that each object represented for these wonderful cultures.
Each object is an expression of the ancient history, tradition and spirituality of the Native American peoples, an object is not simply an object, but something more. each artifact is the memory of these peoples, and in it resides part of the wonderful cultural expression of Native Americans. Having an object of the material culture of the Native American Peoples means being able also to begin to know more deeply the ancient history and philosophy of these peoples, who are also the natural protectors of a cultural message that goes beyond the object itself, a philosophical message which will allow you to appreciate the artefact and, with it, to make this ancient and original culture better understood and known which suffered the most tragic genocide, ecocide and ethnocide in the history of humanity.