Haida Bowl

A haida wood food bowl carved in the form of a beaver holding a wood between his paws. An individual who possessed a personal or family food dish was expected to bring it along to a feast and to use it afterwards to take food home to relatives. The personal food dish, called a kihle, is about 27,5 cm in length, although smaller ones were made for children. A personal “grease” dish was often carved from a solid block of wood, usually alder, which grows on Haida Gwaii, or maple, which was traded in finished form from the Tsimshian. In this case probbaly red cedar or Canadian Linden- Circa 1800-1820, perfect patina of the historic period.

Provenience: Vancouver private collection.
Lenght: 10,83 inch. Width: 5,70 inch.

Item code: OB05

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