Haida Bowl

Haida bowl for food and ceremonial purposes, sculpted in the shape of a frog surmounted in the upper part by an eagle that controls and protects it. Two important elements of the story of creation come together to create an artifact of exquisite beauty. The symbol of water – the frog – and the spirits and winged beings, of which the eagle is a sublime example. Made to be used in tribal and ceremonial banquets. Artifact carved from a solid block of wood, usually alder, which grows in the Haida Gwaii Region, or maple, which was traded in finished form by the Tsimshian. In this case, probably red cedar or Canadian lime – circa 1800-1830, perfect patina of the historical period. From the private collection of Vancouver.
Length: 10,83 inch. Width: 7,08 inch.

Item code: OB04

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