Haida mask

Northwest Coast transformation masks manifest transformation, usually an animal changing into a mythical being or one animal becoming another or inside the animal effigy is hided the face of an ancestor or warrior as in the item shown in the picture. Masks are worn or used by dancers during ceremonies, they pull strings to open and move the mask – in effect, animating it. In the Eagle mask shown in the picture of the items proposed for selling, coming from private collection of Vancouver, you can see the wooden frame and netting that held the mask on the dancer’s hand. When the cords are pulled, the eagle’s face and beak split down the center, and the bottom of the beak opens downwards, giving the impression of a bird spreading its wings (see image below). Transformed, the mask reveals the face of an ancestor. Magnificient example of the Art of the Nation of the Pacific coast. Circa 1800-1820 made of wood – probably red cedar, natural pigments, antique linen cord, rawhide and antique brass needles. Perfect and unique “Patina” of the Historic period.
Lenght: 13,78 inch (cm 35). Width: 7,87 inch (cm 20). Height: 9,44 inch (cm 24).

Item code: MK03

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