Knife and sheath

Dagger-shaped knife with wooden handle and sheath – Lakota – the knife has a hand-forged iron blade and inserted into a wooden handle, probably ash or cotton wood, with vintage bras stacks nails. Point-shaped incisions along the perimeter of the wooden handle. The sheath is made of animal skin, probably deer, and raw hide, with animal sinew seams. The decoration of the scabbard, finely embroidered with original Venetian glass beads from the 1800s, with a stylized representation of 4 dragonflies, a spiritual symbol for the Lakota. From the sheath there are two pendants embroidered with beads in the lower part and in the center decoration with traditional “thin -cones”, with perfect patina of the historical period – around the end of the 19th century.

Item code: KN03

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