Dag knife

Northern Plains beaver tail dag knife, c. 1840s, possibly Lakota or Cheyenne (Sheyla). The blade is hand forged, the bone handle with brass tack decoration, brass rivets,
Lenght of the blade: 6,89 inch (cm 17,5). Width of the blade: 1,58 cm. Total lenght of the knife: 33 inch (cm 13.5)

Bone handle with light decorations and affixed to tang with nine small brass rivets on each side.

Condition: Antique: Blade is gunmetal grey with some dark patina staining of the period. Blade has been sharpened. A very rare dag and seldom comes to auction.

Knife dag sheath: deer skin knife sheath probably, with animal tendon seams, decorated on the front with beautiful and traditional 19th century MURANO glass bead embroidery, side and base decorations with metal thin cones inside which there is of the trade selvedge cloth color red.
Length of the sheath: 9,055 inch (cm 23)

Price : €2.100 including shipment


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