Lakota tomahawk

Original pipe tomahawk forged spontoon type with a pierced heart. Probably Lakota, typical example of the middle of 19th century with very large teardrop eyes and massive hand forged blade curved. Haft of wood probably American linden or ash wood with perfect “patina” of the historical time, the haft is embellished with original brass tacks. The haft is embellished with a beaded drop of venetian glass beads of 19th century, sinew stiches, calico cotton on the back, red selvedge material original of the period, antique hawk bells, and on the upper part is present a sewing thimble with silk ribbons.

Length of the shaft: 29,13 inch. Blade length: 10,63 inch.
Provenance: Rosebud Sioux tribe. South Dakota. Private collection.

Item code: TH06

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