Three blades gunstock – Lakota – made with three iron blades applied to an ash or cotton wood shaft, with lateral incisions on the whole perimeter, and on the upper part three small discs of mother-pearl. In the middle part the symbol of the snake is engraved and the handle is entirely covered with rattlesnake (crotalus realis). Also on the handle are pendants two rattlesnake tails covered with trade cloth and with embroidery of original Venetian glass beads, glass beads pendants and two hawk-bells, two owl feathers that are applied on the pendant of the ‘handle. This type of weapon, precisely called “three blades gun stock” had, according to the Lakota spirituality, the speed of the rattlesnake and of which, the weapon is adorned with three tails and the skin. Vintage.

Item code: GS04

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